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China’s Slow-Motion Aggression on Display

What is China up to? China is pursuing a strategy of incremental creep all around the Chinese periphery, and her neighbors are concerned.

India’s Maoist Insurgent War Drags On, Claims more Lives

India’s Maoist insurgent war continues unabated…

Chinese Incursion into India Raises Concerns and Tensions

Reports are coming to light about Chinese military incursions into Indian-controlled portions of Jammu-Kashmir along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in south-eastern Ladakh region in September-October 2010.  Earlier, in 2009, Chinese military aircraft flew over the disputed region. Sino-Indian War of 1962 at http://www.historyguy.com/warfiles/sino-indian_war_warfile.htm Read more: Chinese troops intrude into Ladakh, halt govt project […]

Maoist Rebels Attack Indian Forces

http://www.historyguy.com/india_maoist_insurgent_war.htm At least 22 troops were killed when armed Maoists attacked a camp of the paramilitary forces in India’s West Bengal state on Feb. 15, 2010. Nearly 50 rebels on motorcycles encircled the camp of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (ERF) at Silda village on Monday and started firing on it. More fighters joined the assault […]

China and India: Enemies Again?

China and India: Enemies Again?   A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points out an uncomfortable truth: Namely that the world’s two most populous nations, China and India, still really do not like nor trust each other very much.  And, to add some spice to this long-standing rivalry, one needs to only remember […]

Taliban Advances; Pakistan in Mortal Danger

On April 22, 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to the military advance of the Pakistani Taliban out of the Swat Valley that has been ceded to them by the weak Pakistani government by stating that this situation in Pakistan formed an “existential threat” to Pakistan and a “mortal threat” to the world, and […]

India and Pakistan Clash at Border Again

  India and Pakistan, two nuclear-armed neighbors who have already fought three major wars and several minor wars against each other, exchanged fire across their mutual border in the Kashmir region. See the article below from http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2009/03/21/asia/AS-Kashmir-Shooting.php for more information:   Indian troops were fired upon across the heavily fortified frontier in the Himalayan region […]

India Points Finger At Pakistan In Mumbai Attacks

Mumbai Attacks Update

Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai Present Challenge For India