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Is Geneva of 2013 the new Munich of 1938? Why Israel Has Reason to be Worried.

The news that the “Great Powers” of the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, and Germany have reached an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran over Iran’s controversial nuclear program has been greeted with immense skepticism among Iran’s foes.

Iran War and the Birth of an Israeli-Saudi Alliance

The world watches as Iran and the Western powers negotiate their way to a deal that would enable Iran to pursue her nuclear ambitions, quite a bit of noise is in the news about how Israel says they will not allow Iran to get the bomb.  That in itself is nothing new, but along with […]

Syrian Conflict is now a Regional War

  Is the Syrian Civil War Becoming a Regional War? According to the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, the three-year old Syrian War is now a “Regional War,” having drawn in other nations and non-state actors as belligerents in the conflict. Here is a quick look at the facts […]

Bahrain Violence Growing Concern for U.S. and Potential Gain for Iran

Apparantly learning from the fall of long-ruling regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, Bahrain’s military took control of the capital Thursday, February 17, 2011, only hours after riot police firing birdshot, rubber bullets and teargas stormed an anti-government protest camp, killing at least five people and wounding more than 230. The Bahrain government, dominated by the […]

Iran Crosses Into Iraq to Hit Rebels

Iranian forces crossed the border into northern Iraq to strike at a Kurdish Iranian rebel group in retaliation for a  bombing inside Iran that killed 12  in a military parade in the town of Mahabad.  Iran claimed to have killed 30 rebels on the Iraqi side of the border.

Israel-Iran War Draws Closer

On August 21, 2010, Iran, with Russian aid, began inserting the fuel rods into the Bushehr reactor. Some analysts believed that Israel would not risk an attack after August 21 for because of the risk of serious nuclear contamination throughout the Gulf region if the reactor were to be destroyed. However, other analysts see evidence […]

Iran Reactor: Will Israel Attack the Bushehr Reactor?

Russian sources associated with that nation’s assistance program with Iran’s nuclear program announced that by August 21, 2010, the fuel rods necessary to power the Bushehr nuclear reactor will be installed. Some analysts, such as John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., believe that announcement creates a deadline by which Israel will attack the […]

Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah may be preparing for a summer, 2010 war against Israel

A new article at Debka.com relates concerns that Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah may be preparing for a summer, 2010 war against Israel.  See the article at Debka.com’s site: http://www.debka.com/article/8745/ And the History Guy page at http://www.historyguy.com/iranwar.htm

Iran War Creeping Upon Us

The world is slowly creeping toward the long-awaited and long-feared Iran War.  What is this ‘Iran War?”  At some point, Iran will be attacked, most likely by Israel, perhaps less likely by the United States or some coalition of Western powers.  But the ongoing concerns regarding Iran’s continued nuclear weapons development and the collapse of […]

Saudi Air and Artillery Strikes in Aid of Yemen

The Sa’dah insurgency in northern Yemen began in June of 2004 with a rebellion led by the Shiite cleric Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, head of the Shi‘a Zaidiyyah sect. Most of the fighting has taken place in Sa’dah Governorate (province) in northwesternmost Yemen. In November of 2009, the Sa’ada insurgency took on an alarming new dimension, as Saudi […]